The Wunsch Foundation with its offices in Geneva, Singapore, Washington and Cape Town shall use kept funds to improve the state of the world.

This said, the current split of funds is defined as follows:

Environmental Protection and Sustainability Programs

  • Protecting the oceans (together with Oceanic Global and the help of others like The Ocean Cleanup)
  • Sustainability research and action through grants, prize money and investments especially in the fields of sustainable construction methods (e.g. Othalo) and architecture, green propulsion systems, clean energy, food supply, waste management, etc.
  • Supporting reforestation and other nature conservancy projects
  • The Social Development Program

  • In alignment with the Libertarian World Citizens, it is our goal to develop and implement targeted solutions and agendas which support people in need all around the world through a combination of basic needs coverage, coaching, continuous education and help-to-selfhelp or other effective measures (e.g. building social houses and infrastructure, providing key supplies, mentor networks, etc.)
  • Education programs, scholarships and information access (school and university partnerships)
  • Local entrepreneurship support through free materials and access to knowledge resources. Beyond that we also created some bounce-back from failure programs and social entrepreneurship initiatives while also supporting entrepreneurial resocialization efforts through Defy Ventures.
  • Healthcare and Medical Programs

  • Investing in health tech and medical startups as well as supporting relevant research through grants and price money where traditional support or investment is unlikely (e.g. support of Cancer Research UK)
  • Supporting research and caretaking in the field of mental health through grants and investments (e.g. atai life science) as well as by operating a major online platform dedicated to this very topic
  • Driving the medical supply and local construction of hospitals through experienced third-party organizations such as Medicines sans Frontiers.
  • Local initiatives and other good causes

  • Supporting charities which help to create a fairer, more inclusive, sef-directed and open society (e.g. Defy Ventures, ILGA, Human Rights Watch)
  • Cultural sponsorship agreements (especially those that bring different cultures closer together) and local good causes and not-for-profits in our home base regions (e.g. The Esplanade SG, Gardens by the Bay, SOS Singapore, Partnership for NYC)
  • Funding rescue and disaster relief (and prevention) organizations such as the International Maritime Rescue Federation, International Commission for Alpine Rescue, International Relief Teams and International Emergency Management Organization (IEMO).
  • Tryig to establish a platform via which people in neeed are connected to volunteers with a similiar background and/or experience in handling comparable situations.
  • Policy and Global Agenda Management

    All activties are in alignment with our sister organization, the Libertarian World Citizens.

  • Collaborating with other organizations such as the World Economic Forum, Milken Institute, Seasteading Institute or WID to drive the exchange of best practices, take data-based/science-backed action and improve the state of the world by connecting experts and leaders across all fields
  • Philosophical, ethical, political and societal research concerning current topics (e.g. Ethics for AI or Limits of Science)