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Company Builders and Investors

龙 Ventures is both a company builder and classic venture capital fund.
This said, Markus’ own ideas are incubated and seed-funded trough the 龙 Ventures Founding Fund and then get built by experienced management teams while the Dragon Office provides vital support.
The 龙 Ventures Passion Fund on the other side supports other entrepreneurs with interesting concepts and businesses through both direct investments and mentoring again whereas the “Golden Gate Opportunity Fund” is a passive co-investment fund in profit-promising ideas and other VCs.
With regards to both the 龙 Ventures Founding Fund and the 龙 Ventures Passion Fund Markus, as a key person and Chief Investment Officer, is a lot more interested in impact and socially beneficial startups rather than merely profitable ones. Technically our special expertise lies at the intersection of big data, enterprise/B2B, fintech, deep tech, healthtech, govtech and mobility startups.



龙 Ventures Founding Fund

Ideas Markus had and which are now seed funded and incubated by the 龙 Ventures Founding Fund.
The 龙 Ventures Founding Fund initially managed 25 million USD in AuM, then increased it to 50 million USD in AuM and now is about to add another 100 million USD.

Classification: Deep Tech

(True Shared Data)

TSD is creating a single point of truth for otherwise redundantly stored data such as invoices, contracts, emails, etc. Thus with TSD all information which normally gets stored on two servers (sender and recipient) is now stored in one ultra-safe and shared single source of truth. The technology is offered as a white-label solution to cloud service providers and as a side-effect also reduces CO2 emissions by limiting the amount of data centers needed worldwide. Beyond that specialist data solutions for cooperation and coopetition situations are planned.


Classification: FinTech and Socialtech


A company working on income-contingent-payment solutions (with optional upper and lower caps) for basic products and services as well as ICL schemes to make the world more inclusive while increasing efficiency and efficacy by cutting out the often bureaucratic state in social issues on grassroot level.


Classification: Legaltech and Regtech

(Legal Impact Analyzer)

A legal tech startup developing solutions for effective contract management and scenario modelling related to potential changes in law. The latter also includes big-data-driven likelihood assessments and continous, smart monitoring of court rulings and societal developments. Beyond that LIMA also provides comprehensive qui-bono analysis features which help policy makers better understand how legal amendments impacts society and stakeholders at large.


Classification: Deep Tech


A cyber security and intellectual property protection startup using yellow-dot-system-like tracing and recognition approaches on binary code level. The whole concept could also be called a hidden ID card for data and IP allowing easy security, data, identity, software migration and privacy management. In a second step it’ll also allow you an easier monetization of your data. The technology goes far beyond what is possible today even with the most advanced hash algorithms.


Classification: Telecommunication


A virtual SIM card provider who automatically books you on the best deal when crossing borders without requiring you to change numbers or SIM cards thanks to a new rerouting approach which had frequent travelers in mind right from the start.


Classification: Healthtech

Collective Helix

A company focused on over-the-air gene updates via implantable mRNA chips to equip the body with the latest range of antibodies. The data repository is interconnected and global to allow fast responses to serious and time-critical threats. Beyond that these chips shall also provide general health information and help each individual to live a better life (e.g. with advice on biomolecular restoration).


Classification: Edtech


An education startup which uses psychometric and personality-driven analyses to connect students to the right method of learning and best learning path. The approach builds more heavily on case studies, character/cultural assessments and competence trainings than traditional knowledge-centered education concepts which do not really hold up in todays VUCA world. Our goal is to provide schools worldwide with the concepts, technology and tools needed to address these very issues. Beyond that Campus follows a blended, semi-virtual and internationally connected learning concept.


Classification: Govtech


A machine-learning and big data startup in the field of counter-terrorism, public safety and security management as well as predictive policing. In order to spot potential threats Preventech combines multiple online (e.g. social media, mobile and messenger data) and other data sources (e.g. smart security cams which can interpret body language) to spot and mitigate threats smoothly and reasonably. Preventech works with both public and private security and law enforcement firms.


Classification: Govtech

AVOID - Anonymous Verified Online Identification

We are revolotionizing online identification and the fight against fake profiles while protecting peoples identity rights. Basically we are using a double-database-system to manage real IDs and online IDs separately, so once a user applies for an Anonymous Verified Online ID (AVOID) we check whether his governemental-issued ID (thus real ID) has already applied for one and if yes, reject the application. If however the answer is no, then the customer is forward to a an entirely separate system (database) where his AVOID is created. Hence no connection between his real passport/identity and AVOID can be made but noone can have multiple (single- or multi-purpose) AVOIDs which will make it nearly impossible to create fake profiles on platforms requiring an AVOID. Beyond that AVOIDs also allow easy and anonymous access to sites requiring proof of certain data (e.g. age, location or ownership title). In the latter case a specific single-purpose AVOID is issed only the verifying the (legally) required data. Hence there are specific AVOIDs for social media platforms (either a specific one for each platform or a general one), banking websites (Full digital KYC), gambling sites, alcoholic beverage sites and more.



龙 Ventures Passion Fund

A 300 million USD investment fund which supports the most compelling founders and projects out there.