Providing key insights through advisory, media and speaker activities

MWM is a management advisory and media company which oversees Markus' various publications (books, blogs, vlogs, etc.) as well as speaking, non-compete coaching and advisory mandates.

Notable advisory mandates have included clients such as Accenture, Audi, Eight Road Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover, Korea Investment Corporation (KIC), Lilium, McKinsey, Porsche, and Samsung.
Advisory topics ranged from market analyses over product strategy to financial structuring.
Occasionally some of these advisory mandates turned into interims-management positions or official advisory board roles. This said, Markus' acted among others as an Interims-CFO for an early-stage blockchain startup and became an official member of the advisory board of Vadofone Group PLC.

Based on my entrepreneurial experience and sought-after advise I now decided to turn to a broader media strategy which will be split into three areas: Leadership, Finance and Markets, Sailing.
The leadership channel will be discussing among others topics such as personal transitions and evolving roles, dealing with difficulties and setbacks, governance and leading by example, psychology and mental health, team building as well as founder stories.
The Finance and Market Channel on the other side will be discussing the latest trends in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street, various financial concepts and strategies, risk taking and asset protection, wealth building as well as disruption and changing markets.
The third channel will focus on sailing lessons, yacht technology and sailing superyachts.
On my personal account I will occasional provide a sneak-peek into my own life as long as it relates to the above or is relevant to any of my entrepreneurial activities. So while I won’t share much of my personal life, I will share insights and bits which help you understand how I deal with some of the topics above, address some of my struggles (not everything is as ritzy glitzy and smooth sailing as it might seem), or which are related to my philanthropic efforts which include the Wunsch Foundation, the Libertarian World Citizens, and the Kinky Organization among others.
Beyond that, it is also intended to use some unusual concepts which are working across these channels like for example going to sail in rough seas with fellow entrepreneurs while taking about adversity, ambiguity and what we might be able to learn from sailing in such potentially dangerous weather conditions for our entrepreneurial journeys.

With regards to speaking activities I am represented by Harry Walker Agency.
Additionally, I’ve teamed up with a ghostwriter and publishing house, Random Penguin, to write and publish my memoires in the next two years.

Hence by now it should be clear that MWM stands for Markus Wunsch Media or Markus Wunsch Management.

For advisory, media or speaking enquiries, please refer to our contact page.

Learn more about the Founder: Markus Wunsch



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