Mount Wish

The big idea which layed the foundation for everthing else

RiskPool, a disruptive financial risk management approach capable of achieving the joint mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Bank for International Settlements (BIS), was the very first idea which Markus had yet in order to bring the vision to life he had to come up with a few other novel solutions as the nature of the product required a global distribution network right from the start. Hence it was important to win the support of traditional competitors and industry incumbents in the sales process and thus additional concepts such as fincato were established following our unique coopetition approach. Together all these products later became Mount Wish, a company whos name refers to both the founders surname and the original founding location in the Swiss alps where the core product RiskPool still resides to this very day.

Given further business ideas and other reasons Markus later established the Dragon Office and Wunsch Foundation and as part of this reorganization his stakes in Mount Wish became part of Winfity which again is a mere "heritage holding" within the Dragon Office and based in the Cayman Islands.
This said, when it comes to Mount Wish, Markus is pursuing a no-exit-policy and thus intends to keep his shares locked-up infinitely (some minor exemptions apply) while on the other hand reasonable borrowing against them is allowed.
Additionally, this setup has a couple of tax and legal advantages especially if Winfinity is used as a refinancing entity for the Dragon Office and his other ventures.

Today, Mount Wish operates more than 280 legal entities across 114 countries and has become a clear market leader. Hence refering to the below organizational chart, local sales and services entities are subsidiaries of the Mount Wish Global Services arm and not shown to reduce complexity. The same applies to local operational subsidiaries and strategic acquisitions.

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Our Solutions


Our multi-award-winning core product which disrupts the risk management and derivatives industry with the worlds very first true and fully automated quasi-mutual insurance for fx, interest rate and commodity price risks and which as a side effect also achieves the joint mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Bank for Internal Settlements (BIS).
RiskPool is capable of handling both fiat and digital currencies and hence future proof.

Mount Wish Capital Partners

An (insurance) asset manager mostly concerned with RiskPool assets.
Beyond that the MWCP divison also offers some compelling algorithmic trading solutions.


Our financial services marketplace for everything (complementary and Non-FICC-risk-management-related) from corporate finance, over trade finance to cash and payment management.
In short, fincato is an utmost automated Corporate and Investment Banking marketplace and execution platform which can handle anything from start to finish and even comes with comprehensive intragroup-finance and post-transaction management tools.


DAO is our big-data/information solutions and advisory services arm.
In the field of business, financial and other information DAO competes with major players like Bloomberg and Moodys and has already been referred to as a more powerful version of BlackRocks Aladdin plattform.
The advisory department on the other side serves only governments, central banks and other financial institutions. Thus the latter is most comparable to an investment banking FIG group.


Our clearing house, securities exchange and shared services arm. Additionally, they provide cutting-edge registrar and cap table management solutions.

Mount Wish Technologies

The tech center in charge of all soft- and hardware solutions used both internally and by our financial services, fintech and central bank customers.
Externally offered solutions include an independent financial services cloud, an API marketplace, a predictive CRM for banks and world-class core banking software.

Governance & Audit Solutions

Given our unique access to a significant number of ERP systems, no matter the provider, and core banking systems as well as huge financial data base we are now able to verify most postings automatically. Thus, bank balance confirmations are done automatically, sales contracts are verified automatically (if access is granted to both ERP systems) and classified by default risk, financial instrument valuations are checked for FMV plausibility and postings automatically reviewed for consistency. Hence, we are now able to give a pre-audit certification stating the accuracy level of the books and highlighting areas were auditors need to check-in manually; though one day latter could get automated away as well.

In addition to these audit solutions we also offer a comprehensive range of due diligence, compliance and governance tools.

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