The man behind the
Dragon Office

Markus is a multi-award-winning serial entrepreneur who founded some groundbreaking companies like Mount Wish, a leading financial risk management startup which is currently preparing for a SPAC-IPO.
This said, he has substantial experience in intra- and entrepreneurial ventures holding subject-matter and management responsibilities spanning a range of topics as broad as finance (esp. treasury, M&A, FP&A and transfer pricing as well as structured finance), technology, product management, strategy and marketing. Thus, Markus is used to working on multiple projects and in several roles at once as well as to handle ambiguous tasks and high pressure with self-confidence, creativity and an exceptionally good sense for people (Gallup: Individualization).

What's more, Markus is a passionate strategist, competitive doer of things and resilient visionary.

Plus, as a certified business facilitator Markus knows exactly how to leverage his personality (learn more here) to achieve above-average results and to grow the Dragon Office and its various businesses at an incredible pace overcoming any hurdle.
Given his personality and attitude of doing whatever it takes to improve the state of the world he is often described as an 'adventure capitalist' and 'disruptive philantrophist'.
This said Markus has never been afraid of taking personal risks to succeed and solve some of the world’s toughest problems. In fact, he has more or less turned himself into a walking LBO to achieve his ambitious plans.

Other aspects which certainly add to this image are that Markus is an active, libertarian advocate for world citizenship and officially living on a sailing boat (flag state: Cayman Islands) while managing his business dealings partially remotely. The latter interestingly doesn’t hurt the bottom-line results at all but rather improves them thanks to a more global presence (circumnavigations), additional networking opportunities (created chances on the docks) and an overall beneficial work environment as well as the ease of offshore closings in this setup.

In his little spare time Markus loves to explore the world (he has sailed all seven seas), likes to go running and hiking, enjoys a good game of chess, and is an avid amateur chef well-versed in Euro-Asian cuisine. He also likes to read books (e.g. Oscar Wilde, Sun Tzu, Stefan Zweig) to keep his mind sharp and alert. With regards to the latter, he’s also taking seemingly disparate classes like philosophy, politics, psychology, economics, business management, computer and data science, at leading universities (e.g. Harvard, Oxford, LSE) on a regular basis which again leads him to innovative ideas or solutions for current challenges and finally business opportunities. Hence, he can be considered an "expert-generalist".

Internal Roles: Executive Chairman, Head of Strategy and Business Development The Dragon Office
Executive Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer (VIAS Committee) Mount Wish
Chief Investment Officer and Lead Ideator 龙 Ventures
Chairman of the Board L-A-G
Chairman of the Board Kinkyliscious

External Roles:


Wunsch Foundation
Co-President Libertarian World Citizens
New Champion Member World Economic Forum
Chairman Member US-ASEAN Business Council
Ordinary Member SME Finance Forum (World Bank)
Advisory Board Member Vodafone Group Plc


Owners/Presidents Management Program (OPM)

Harvard Business School
Chartered Financial Analyst CFA Institute
Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst CAIA Association
Bachelor Studies: Economics & Management (dropped out) London School of Economics
Industriekaufmann (Certified Industrial Management Assistant) Chamber of Commerce


Singaporean (since 2020)

German (1988-2020; decided to renounce it in 2020 a.o. based on the following analysis here)


September 1988 in Baden-Baden, Germany

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