The Libertarian World Citizens

Unity and liberty
without nation states

The Libertarian World Citizen Organization is working towards the total abolishment of all nation states, authorities and governments in order to replace them with a global, classic liberal one under the helm of the United Nations.
The Libertarian World Citizen Organization maintains offices in Montreaux (HQ), Seoul and New York as well as a meeting center in Hawaii.


Hence, we strive for a truly borderless world with a global yet very limited government following libertarian principles and the high ideals of individual freedom and utmost privatization because it’s a proven fact that no state ever solved a major problem nor drove major progress and positive change. In fact often the opposite is true, and states can be found to be the root cause of all evil or at least they made problems worse which again lies in the system of national states and unlibertarian states itself. We also observe that it’s the concept of nation states which is now throwing us into a Third World War, so time is really ripe to abolish them.
Beyond that it’s also true that all positive advancement came from private organizations and inviduals as well as their inititaives (e.g. the green movement where politicians only jumped on the bandwagon when things got moving and than made things worse).
Also, the political regulation of markets (or the absence of free markets) and market interventions have overall had far more negative than positive effects and even created many of todays issues (e.g. the political intervention in 2008/09 was all wrong and has led to today’s low interest rate environment and growing wealth gap since a cleaning crash and creative destruction couldn’t take place due to these actions).
One can also observe that capitalism and free markets are working as they drove more innovation and lifted more people out of poverty than any other system. Also it’s clear that the less regulation the better for the people (just compare more libertarian states with socialist ones).
For that and because today's key challenges are global anyway, we rightfully defend globalization and seek to limit states, authorities and governments to an utmost degree in favor of basis-oriented, direct-democratic and classic liberal approaches which are proven to really advance the world.

As true Libertarians / Classic Liberals we believe in equality of chances, globalization, borderlessness, free markets, free trade, individual rights (including civil rights and human rights), capitalism, free choice, democracy, autonomy, secularism, gender equality, racial equality, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, free association, freedom of choice, individualism, voluntary association, and freedom of religion. For that, we also believe in the need to restrict governmental and state power as well as authorities and politicians almost to the level of anarchy making their only mission the safeguarding of those freedom values.

Methods to achieve our goal include:
  • Direct financial and in-kind contributions to the United Nations
  • Supporting “One World” movements which seek to abolish nation states
  • Fostering intercultural exchanges and mutual understanding
  • Grants to libertarian and classic liberal parties as well as NGOs worldwide who support our values
  • Advocacy programs and political campaigning to abolish national states, authorities and governments and drive libertarianism / classic liberalism
  • Hosting an annual summit for leading Libertarians to exchange best practices and discuss future strategies
  • Unbiased research on all matters to detect and demystify perceived shortcomings of liberalism and where necessary the provision of solutions to actual ones (which also includes investigating the need for and logical consistency of a UBI in a world emphasizing classic liberal values)
  • Solving problems with liberal answers
  • Efficient and lean government initiatives (Say no to fat bureaucratic monsters!)
  • Supporting other like-minded organizations like “The Seasteading Institute”, “Mont Pelerin Society”, “WEF” or “Cato Institute”

    Co-Founders and Advisors of “The Libertarian World Citizens Organization” are Charles Koch, George Soros, Peter Thiel, Ashley Ryan, Nena Bartlett, Rihanna, Clint Eastwood and David Letterman.