Traditional business models brought into the 21st century

L-A-G stands for Luxury / Lifestyle Asset Group and is a diversified holding running and investing in more traditional, less “startup-ish” businesses across the fields of yachting, high-end real estate, art, hotels, whiskey distilleries, and vineyards among others.
Typically L-A-G will work with strategic partners and industry incumbents to achieve the best results. This Joint-Venture-centered approach and specific industry focus also provides a healthy risk-balance to the Dragon Office’s overall portfolio of companies and ventures.



Our business areas

The Savoir Group

The Savoir Group is one of the top luxury asset management and lifestyle groups and run jointly with strategic partners. This said, the Savoir Group pursues attractive business opportunities in the high-end real estate and luxury yachting industries while also including adjacent areas (e.g. business jets, travel management, citizenship planning, white-glove and other services) through its third-party affiliate business and technical solutions group.
In their respective segments and business fields both Savoir Yachting and Savoir Real Estate have become clear leaders, pioneered innovative approaches and even created new markets wheareas Savoir Tech thrives primarily on its cross-asset portability and top-notch data platform.

Savoir Group - Website

The Art Fund

The Art Fund is a mutual fund which pursues a value-investing strategy in art pieces and manages a complemenatry rental art business as well as some joint gallery operations to optimize returns from a tax-perspective.

The Art Fund - Website

All Senses Group

The All Senses Group operates the following three business lines:

European Naval Holding

The European Naval Holding has made a passive, minority investment into a small Switzerland-based manufacturer of all-wooden runabouts and into a UK-based sailboat company producing modern-day classics. Beyond that capital has been set aside to potentially acquire a minority position in a European shipyard focused on sailing superyachts. These investments are entirely independent from Savoir yachting and Chinese walls apply.