A single-family office owned by the Wunsch Foundation

Who We Are

The Dragon Office is a Singaporean single-family office operating six dedicated business branches (Mount Wish, 龙 Ventures, Wunsch & Partner, Kinkyliscious Group, MWM, and 龙 Capital) as well as the central family trust out of the Cayman Islands.
The family office is owned by the Switzerland-based Wunsch Foundation, which as per the statutes uses 65% of distributed profits for good causes, gives another 15% to its independent sister organization, the Libertarian World Citizens (which is registered as another charitable organization in Switzerland) and allocates the residual 20% to the DO Family Trust which again is taking care of the founder, Markus Wunsch, and his descendants.
However, despite the mentioned ownership structure, “The Dragon Office” and its business units enjoy relatively large degrees of freedom which are only limited by the relevant trust and service agreements putting an equal emphasis on asset preservation and the pursuit of the founder's vision.

The name of The Dragon Office has been derived from the Chinese star-sign of Markus who was born in 1988, the year of the Dragon, a symbol traditionally associated with luck, wealth, wisdom, courage and prosperity. At the same time, the Chinese word Lông, which means Dragon, sounds like the English word “long” which in the financial world has the meaning of growth and positive development and also gives a clear hint that we are in the game “lông-term” rather than pursuing short-term gains.



Singapore based. Swiss owned. Cayman Island managed.

The Family Office

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Key People

Board of Management

The team in charge of the family office.

James Foley

Legal Counsel

Michael Westen

Chief Financial Officer

Laura Chen

Chief Executive Officer

Markus Wunsch

Founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Strategist

Key Team Members

The operational heads.

Jana Fenger

Corporate and Investment Banking

Christelle Giordano

Asset and Trust Fund Management

Lin Hong

Public Relations, Marketing and Media

David K. Fox

Tax Strategy and Corporate Architecture

Zhang Sao

龙 Ventures

Delphine Moreaux

Wunsch & Partner

Liara Redington


Philipp Herms

Operations & Special Projects

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