The asset manager

The龙 Capital Blind Trust manages about 90% of all assets and as the name suggests is a true blind trust which for compliance reasons is operated by Mount Wish Capital Partners and following a multi-strategy approach when it comes to managing Markus’ personal investments, the assets of The Dragon Office and affiliated others such as the Wunsch Foundation.
The C2 Portfolio Group has invested the remaining 10% of all assets in compliance approved stocks, bonds and other financial instruments and products. For the sake of simplicity and compliance the latter means mostly selected ETFs, mutual funds and pre-approved algo-schemes; though a slighly more active approach can sometimes be taken in close consultation with our independent legal supervisors.


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The asset split of the Blind Trust.

A well diversified portfolio with a slight focus on Asian and North American positions.


WPE is a private equity firm seeking long-term capital appreciation through smart partnerships and creative strategy development alongside experienced industry partners matching the respective portfolio company's profile. All investments are subject to compliance approvals and usually involve the mentioned strategic partners and classic high-finance investors. Deals again can include equity, debt and mezzanine instruments as well as royalty or performance-dependent option arrangements in some rare cases.
Current investments of WPE include:

  • Protonmail, Geneva, CH: An ultra-secure, end-to-end encrypted email service and VPN provider
  • Bullitt Group, Reading, UK: Bullitt designs, manufactures, markets, and sells consumer electronic devices in partnership with global brands. They specialize in rugged and high-security work phones.
  • Middleby, Elgin, USA: Middleby is a publicly traded, leading manufacturer of high-end commercial and residential cooking, baking and food-processing equipment. The shares were received as part of an M&A deal involving a cutting-edge grill manufacturer.
  • Fendertex, Aire-syr-la-Lys, FR: Fendertex is the only manufacturer of inflatable textile fenders for the yachting market.
  • Masterclass, San Francisco, USA: MasterClass, is an American online education subscription platform on which students can access tutorials and lectures pre-recorded by experts in various fields.
  • AnyLogic, Chicago, USA: AnyLogic is the leading multimethod simulation modeling and flow analysis tool. Strategic acquisitions in the project, decision and process management space are planned.
  • FloodFrame Group, Denmark, DK: An effective, simple and patented solution to protect your property against floods.

    The fund is run and operated as a Joint Venture with Wunsch & Partner and 龙 Ventures. This said, 龙 Capital controls 50% of the General Partner shares and W&P and 龙 Ventures 25% each. An independent buyout fund is discussed should the Dragon Office want to hold onto one or more of the portfolio companies' shares post the exit of WPE.
  • WPE - Website

    The SEA Development Fund

    The SEA Development Fund and its much smaller subsidiary are closed investment funds which focus on regional development projects (mix of private equity, infrastructure and real estate investments) in the South-East-Asia and Eastern Asia region. Investments have already been made in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Laos, and Hong Kong.

    The fund is run and operated as a Joint Venture with Wunsch & Partner with each party controlling 50% of the General Partner shares.

    The SEA Development Fund - Website