The Dragon Discretionary Fund Office

The The Dragon Discretionary Fund Office manages about 70% of all assets and is a true blind trust which for compliance reasons is operated by Mount Wish Capital Partners again and following a multi-strategy approach when it comes to managing Markus’ personal investments, the assets of The Dragon Office and affiliated others such as the Wunsch Foundation.
The office can invest in all asset classes as well as opt to deploy capital with other (third-party) funds.

For business related or other enquiries please refer to our contact page.

The 龙 Development Fund

The 龙 Development Fund is an infrastructure FoF (airports, railroads, harbours, bridges, power plants, fresh water supply networks, etc.) focused on the Southeast Asia and Eastern Asian regions. Investments have already been made in funds which have deployed their capital in projects in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Laos, and Hong Kong.
The Dragon Office is committed to a share of 20%-25% of its assets being invested in such funds.
For compliance reasons and to maintain the necessary level of independence we pursue an exclusive FoF strategy and hence must reject direct investment request.

DO Alternative Capital Group

The 龙 Capital executive team can utilze this entity to invest up to 5% of all assets in media rights, film finance (e.g. we were involved in funding "Don't look up"), NFTs, ship finance, agricultural land, collectibles, and other alternatives if the compliance department (plus if applicable the content review team) approves the transaction and thoses assets are managed in an utmost professional way.

Dragon Direct

The Dragon Direct unit is the investment via up to 5% of total assets can be invested in a non-discretionary way. Investments can be made in public and private companies, pre-selected funds and a handful of other assets.
However, strict caps apply limiting investments to a maximum of

  • 10 million USD per co-investment
  • 5 million USD per fund investment
  • and 2.5 million USD per direct investment in any asset

  • Beyond that the fund is not allowed to hold more than 5% in any company unless. Higher percentages and amounts might be achieved due to a co-investment of the Dragon Discretionary Fund Office which remains at the sole discretion of the managers of said blind trust.
    additionally tight-knit compliance approval procedures must be followed at all times.

    Currently the five largest investment positions held via Dragon Direct and its subsidiaries are:
  • Protonmail, Geneva, CH: An ultra-secure, end-to-end encrypted email service and VPN provider
  • Bullitt Group, Reading, UK: Bullitt designs, manufactures, markets, and sells consumer electronic devices in partnership with global brands. They specialize in rugged and high-security work phones.
  • Middleby, Elgin, USA: Middleby is a publicly traded, leading manufacturer of high-end commercial and residential cooking, baking and food-processing equipment. The shares were received as part of an M&A deal involving a cutting-edge grill manufacturer.
  • AnyLogic, Chicago, USA: AnyLogic is the leading multimethod simulation modeling and flow analysis tool. Strategic acquisitions in the project, decision and process management space are planned.
  • FloodFrame Group, Denmark, DK: An effective, simple and patented solution to protect your property against floods.